Business Areas

Over 30 years ago, we adopted a diversification strategy in order to expand our business stability. We followed our basic knowledge and redefined the company more broadly, to a group of engineering and infrastructure services. Nowadays, we are a Group of 26 companies structured in 4 business areas.

Engineering and Construction

With over 84 years of experience, the Graña y Montero’s Engineering and Construction area is the strategic partner to carry out projects in the region. It has operated in 13 Latin American countries and has permanent presence in Peru, Chile and Colombia.

It provides engineering, procurement and construction services and specializes in mining, power, infrastructure, industry, hotel areas, among others.

It integrates related services through the different companies that make up the area and supports its clients from the project’s conception, in all its early phases (design and construction), and even during the operation, covering the entire sector value chain.

It has more than 2,600 specialized engineers that are able to develop any work of high technical and geographical complexity, following high operational excellence and performance standards. Proof of this, all the projects were delivered before the deadline (validated by PwC) in the last 20 years.


GMI Leader in engineering consultancy in Peru with over 30 years of experience. It can develop projects of diverse complexity through its lines of business: engineering, project supervision, EPCM services, geomatics and environmental consultancy.

GyM It was established in 1933, it is the largest and most experienced construction company in Peru. Throughout its history, it has developed many projects in all construction sectors. It has three specialized divisions: Building, Civil Works and Electromechanics.

Vial y Vives-DSD It was established in July 2014 between Ingeniería y Construcción Vial y Vives S. A. and DSD Construcciones y Montajes S. A., two very prestigious companies in the Chilean market that were founded in 1978 and 1993 respectively. The integration of both companies allows to generate a highly specialized service option at a regional level.

STRACON GyM It provides comprehensive mining services in underground and open pit, construction and mass earthmoving. These works range from: planning, construction, operation and mine closure.

Morelco Leader in construction, operation and maintenance of oil & gas infrastructure and public services in Colombia and other countries of the region.

The Companies

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The Graña y Montero’s Infrastructure area is the most important authorized dealer in Peru. It manages projects that require a high level of investment and long-term contracts.

Its strategy is to generate stable flows for the Group companies through the promotion, construction and / or maintenance of projects for public and private investment.

It has a team of professionals specialized in the engineering services, who provide expertise and knowledge to develop major infrastructure projects in the region. Thanks to the synergies within the Group, it has bases in Chile, Colombia and Brazil.

Operating Sectors:

  • Oil and gas

    GMP performs the following operations:

    Exploration and production of oil fields. It has drilled more than 120 wells to date, equivalent to nearly 745,000 feet of drilling. To date, more than 1,700 BPD of crude oil and about 10 MMcfd of associated natural gas are produced on average.

    Natural gas processing. It has, in partnership, the automated separation and fractionation plant of natural gas with a 44 MMcfd processing capacity for production and marketing of LPG and natural gas condensates.

    Operation of storage terminals. In partnership with Oiltanking Perú, it operates two consortia (Terminales del Perú and Consorcio Terminales) with a combined capacity of 3.6 million storage barrels through operating contracts signed with Petroperú for ten fuel terminals in the country. Both consortia supply about 53% of liquid fuel dispensed nationwide.

  • Road concessions

    It manages three highways and an urban highway in Peru.

    NORVIAL Authorized dealer (Ancón - Huacho – Pativilca) (Road network 5). Total length: 286 km.

    SURVIAL is responsible for the first section of the Interoceanic Highway (Highway from San Juan de Marcona to Urcos). Total length: 757 km.

    BUENOS AIRES – CANCHAQUE It extends from the Junction of IIRSA Norte to Buenos Aires, to the village of Canchaque. Total length: 78 km.

    VESUR It manages the concession of the Vía Expresa Sur, highway that will link Lima downtown to the districts of Lima Sur. The construction works will begin in 2016. Total length: 4.6 km.

  • Mass transportation

    Ferrovías GyM Authorized dealer of the Line 1 of the Lima Metro, the largest transportation system in Lima.

  • Water and sanitation

    La Chira Sewage Treatment Plant It is responsible for the construction, operation and maintenance of a sewage treatment plant in Lima.

    Concesionaria Chavimochic It is responsible for the maintenance and construction of Phases I, II and III.

  • Power

    It develops projects for the power generation and transmission.

  • Facilities

    It identifies opportunities for the development of airport, port, prison and hospital infrastructure

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Real Estate

It develops estate products for homes, offices, shops and industrial lots in all market segments, offering a world-class architecture that provides welfare to its clients.

Its experience, reputation and support makes it a safe alternative for Peruvians who seek to live better. This is demonstrated by the high performance standards (time and quality) (99% of the projects were delivered before the deadline in the last five years and 78% overall satisfaction of the owners on the property purchased) as well as the trust and the high level of recommendation of its services (30.7% of total sales comes from the referral program).

VIVA GyM Main real estate company of the Group, it has three business units:

Social housing. It seeks to meet the demand for social housing that is functional, comfortable and affordable. It generates an additional value for its clients through the design of environments for recreation and common areas that invite the owners to live in community.

Traditional housing. It seeks to meet the needs of a market segment that looks for exclusive homes in residential areas. In these homes, the design, location and view are vital attributes.

Buildings for offices and industrial lots. Prime offices with a very functional and modern style, the best alternative to the main needs of the business sector. And lots on the south side of the city for the development of industrial and logistic lots.

Income and development business. It looks for business opportunities and lands to develop new projects. It is currently responsible for the administration and management of the Parque Agustino Mall, which has more than 90 stores and 40 modules.

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Technical Services

The Technical Service area groups the companies engaged in the operation of electricity networks, operational processes and information technology.

Thanks to the professionalism and strategic agility of its more than 8,700 employees at a regional level, and the development and operation of high-technology, the Technical Services area provides value to its clients by identifying improvement opportunities geared to their specific needs.

The knowledge and experience accumulated over 30 years allow the area to be prepared to deal with any complexity of operation, helping companies to reduce operational risks, simplify its management processes, reduce costs, and improve the productivity by automating activities and an optimum production management.


CAM Specializing in installation, operation and maintenance of electrical infrastructure for companies in the power and telecommunication sectors in Chile, Colombia, Peru and Brazil. It is the first accredited as specialist in initial verification and contrast of electricity meters in Peru (accredited as an inspection organization before Indecopi in 2014).

Adexus Specialized company in outsourcing and information technology in Chile. It integrates to Graña y Montero Group in 2016 and because of it the participation of the Group at the technology sector has increased.

The Companies

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