Business Areas

Over 25 years ago, we adopted a diversification strategy to strengthen the stability of our businesses – without distancing ourselves from our core knowledge –, by redefining the company with a broader scope as an Engineering and Infrastructure Service Group. Today, what was once a construction company has become a Group made up of 23 companies, structured in 4 business areas.

Engineering and Construction

This area groups traditional business lines and its current projects include four hydroelectric projects and major mining projects, such as Las Bambas and Antapaccay in Peru and Pueblo Viejo in the Dominican Republic.

GyM Although Graña y Montero provides services since 1933, becoming the largest construction company in the country, GyM as a company within the corporation was created on October 9, 1990, seeking to continue with the work developed during its history. Its services focus on projects in all areas of construction, including the mining, energy, gas and oil and building sectors, partnering with the most important construction companies in the world.

The traditional business area of engineering and construction has shown a dramatic growth of more than 58%, reinforced by Stracon GyM, a company specializing in earth-moving mining contracts.

Stracon GyM was created from the partnership between the Mining Service Division and the company Stracon. It started operating in January 2012, contributing specialized mining equipment valued at 150 million dollars and a signed contract backlog of 300 million dollars, including a contract in the north of Chile with the Punta de Lobos Mining Company.

In 2011, GyM grew by over 59%, reaching a new sales record of 989 million dollars, with an after-tax profit of 58 million.

GMI Ingenieros Consultores is the first company that launched the Group’s holding company. Founded in August 1984, GMI is the corporation’s consulting firm. The company VISION is to be recognized as the most reliable engineering consulting firm in Latin America, and its MISSION is to provide engineering services offering technical and financial solutions, keeping the client in mind and protecting the environment. GMI S.A. has a qualified and multidisciplinary team of professionals and expert consultants for the development of studies, engineering projects, monitoring, project management, geomatics and environmental studies. This allows the company to respond with the highest effectiveness to client requirements, providing innovative solutions and state-of-the-art technology. GMI S.A. has an affiliate, ECOTEC.

The Companies


Infrastructure: Operation of highway concessions and, recently, operation of Line One of the Lima Metro and the La Chira Wastewater Treatment Plant.

GMP Graña y Montero Petrolera was created in 1984 to provide services for the gas and oil industry. Its activities were initially limited to the Talara region, providing services to oil companies in the areas of oil field maintenance and well drilling services. At present, GMP’s activities have significantly increased, expanding to major regions of Peru. In Talara, in addition to well drilling services, we carry out our own exploration and production operations in two lots producing 1,200 barrels of oil per day and 5MM ft3/day of natural gas. At the same time, we operate two gas processing plants, treating an average of 26 MM ft3/day. In 2008, a new gas plant went into operation, processing 40 MM ft3/day. Since 1998, GMP, through Consorcio Terminales, operates nine fuel terminals located throughout the Peruvian coast and highlands. In 1999, the German company Oiltanking GmbH joined Consorcio Terminales and, together with GMP, they established Oiltanking Andina S.A., which is currently shareholder and operator of the chemical plant at the Port of Matarani, Arequipa, Peru, and operator of the Pure Bio Fuels terminal since April 2010. This company also provides operation and emergency response service to the Pisco-Camisea Ocean Terminal.

SURVIAL Established by Graña y Montero and JJC with the commitment to restore and refurbish, operate and maintain Section 1 of the IIRSA Sur highway from the port of San Juan de Marcona in Ica to Urcos, where the highway connects to Section 2. The highway concession covers 757 kilometers and is effective since October 2007 for a term of 25 years.

NORVIAL Norvial, a company formed by Graña y Montero, JJC and Besco, won the first international public bid called by the Peruvian government for operation, construction and maintenance of the road infrastructure for the 200-kilometer Ancón – Huacho – Pativilca section of the Panamericana Norte highway, in two stages.

Ferrovías GyM Is the concession holder for Line 1 of the Lima Metro. In April 2011, Ferrovías GyM, a company formed with Ferrovías de Argentina, entered into a contract for operation of Line 1 of the Lima Metro. To perform the applicable management and operation activities, a large work team of 400 people was developed and established, starting operations in the month of December. Arrangements for the purchase of new trains from the French company Alston were also completed, and are scheduled to start arriving by the end of 2012.

CANCHAQUE Formed by Graña y Montero and JJC with the undertaking to build, operate and maintain the 78-kilometer stretch of highway from Empalme 1B to Canchaque, in Piura, for a term of 15 years from the time the works are completed. This road is the first in the “Costa-Sierra” program (access roads to connect production centers) to be given in concession.

La Chira In February 2011, the La Chira Concession Holder, formed with Acciona Agua de España, signed the 30-year contract for design, financing, construction and operation of the La Chira Wastewater Treatment Plant, located south of Lima. At present, design and financing are being developed and work should begin by the end of 2012.

The Companies

Real Estate

Real Estate: Develops projects such as VIVA GyM for more than 20,000 housing units and other commercial projects, including the project to be developed in the recently acquired property that was formerly the Cuartel San Martín.

VIVA GyM is a spinoff of GyM’s real estate division, dating back to January 1, 2009. VIVA GyM is the new name for GMV and groups all of the real estate companies of the Group. In recent years, it has specialized in development of social housing projects. At present, there are projects underway for 21,000 apartments in the course of the next 5 years. With the recent acquisition of Inmobiliaria Almonte S.A., which owns a 2,471-acre rural property to the south of Lima, another 30,000 homes could be built. During the year, the following housing projects have been under construction: Los Parques de Carabayllo, Los Parques de Villa El Salvador, Los Parques de Garezon, Parque Central, Club Residencial, Neo 10 and Cipreses.

Las Empresas

Technical Services

Services – Including GMP’s oil industry services, GMD in information technology, Concar in highway maintenance and utility operation and, recently, services for the electric power industry through Cam-GyM.

GMD, the leading company in information technology solutions, has over 20 years of experience, and has successfully integrated innovative technologies to provide its clients with IT solutions to improve their productivity and customer and supplier relations. This success is based on providing value so that clients may focus on managing their business, while GMD serves as their expert partner in information technology, designing, implementing, operating and/or managing their technological solution, and often assuming responsibility for comprehensive processes including infrastructure, human resources, applications, supervision and auditing. GMD understands clients’ needs and provides a broad range of innovative, flexible and scalable business solutions for the Manufacturing and Trade, Banking and Finance, Government and Utility industries, ranging from computer and communication equipment supply, to system integration and business solutions, to total process outsourcing and establishment of commercial companies. Over eight years ago, the company started a regional market expansion process with major projects in Colombia, Venezuela, Ecuador, Bolivia and Central America. GSD, a subsidiary of GMD, is a digital services company specializing in document digitizing and processing for the financial and mass consumer industries.

CONCAR was created in 1994 when the concession contract for the Arequipa-Matarani Highway was obtained. This highway is 100 kilometers long and joins the Port of Matarani to the city of Arequipa. The original company name was Infraestructura de Carreteras S.A. In 2001, it merged with the company which held the Ovalo Gutierrez Parking Lot concession, and adopted the name Concar S.A. In 2002, the Graña y Montero Group obtained the concession for the Ancón-Huacho-Pativilca highway, in association with JJC and Besalco (Norvial). This highway section is more than 200 kilometers long. Highway operation and maintenance was entrusted to Concar and operations began in January 2003. In early 2006, the Graña y Montero Group, in association with Odebrecht and Andrade Gutierrez, also obtained the concession for the IIRS Norte highway, which stretches from the port of Paita to the river port of Yurimaguas, with a length of more than 950 kilometers, again subcontracting operation and maintenance to Concar.

CAM is a company acquired from the Spanish group Endesa. It specializes in engineering services to electric power industry companies. This company is a crucial contribution to the Group’s growth strategy in engineering services, since it brings 400 specialized engineers and 207 million dollars in annual invoicing to the company. With operations in Chile, Colombia, Brazil and Peru, it will also be a vital component of our regional development plan.

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