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AYNI Sustainability Program: reciprocity and citizenship

The name of the AYNI program refers to the Inca Empire’s work system based on family reciprocity among members of an ayllu (community), which consisted of mutual help between families and all the members of the ayllu. Here there was true reciprocity and camaraderie.

What is the AYNI Sustainability Program about?

VIVA GyM, the Graña y Montero Group’s real estate company, aims to develop housing while maintaining a sustainable vision that contributes to its customers’ welfare. For this reason, in 2009 the company decided to create the AYNI Sustainability Program, which seeks to shape citizens committed to the future of their community through the learning of habits for coexistence that ensure good-neighborly relations.  

The program is carried out before and during the first months in which people inhabit a residential complex, where workshops and different activities are held to foster skills and maintain good attitudes regarding social and environmental matters. Subsequently, follow-up is conducted to ensure good relations among residents.   

Due to interest in expanding the program and fulfilling the needs of owners and their neighbors, in 2018 three fundamental pillars were renewed:


ConVIVA: Social support

ConVIVA is carried out at all of the residential complexes and encourages new owners to organize and live in harmony, thereby ensuring the economic, administrative and social sustainability of these complexes. As part of this effort, VIVA GyM encourages owners to participate in workshops geared toward building capacities for leadership, coexistence, integration and mutual respect among neighbors.


ECO Viva: Environmental protection

ECO Viva is a system implemented in the projects, which consists of developing elements and characteristics that are environmentally friendly and sustainable. One of the first initiatives consisted of implementing the reuse of shower water, filtering it to be used to irrigate the green areas of our condominiums called Los Parques, which are developed nationwide. In this manner, we contribute to environmental protection and sustainability at the same time. In addition, we help our customers save. Today, the real estate company has new initiatives, such as responsible waste management and efficient use of electrical energy and water resources.

Administra bien: Efficient condominium administration

This is a program that provides advice on efficient condominium administration. Through AYNI, advisory services on the administration and efficient management of condominiums are provided, cultivating a sense of responsibility and transparency among customers with regard to caring for the buildings.

It is worth noting that in 2013, the AYNI Sustainability Program won the business creativity award granted by UPC (Universidad de Ciencias Aplicadas) in recognition of the program’s innovative strategy which has a strong impact on organizations, to their own benefit and that of their audiences.    

For further information about the benefits offered by our real estate company, VIVA GyM, visit: http://www.vivagym.com.pe/beneficios/beneficios