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GyM is recognized for its innovation

  • The application Cappazo won UPC’s Entrepreneurial Creativity Award in the Real Estate, Construction and Equipment category.
  • This platform was developed by Peruvian professionals at GyM’s Digital Workshop, one of the company’s spaces for innovation.

GyM, a subsidiary of Graña y Montero Group, received the 2018 Entrepreneurial Creativity Award given by Universidad Peruana de Ciencias  Aplicadas (UPC) to the most important and innovative developments in the country for its design and development of the digital platform Cappazo. This platform enables efficient workforce management in GyM’s construction projects.

At the official ceremony, held at UPC’s Villa Campus in Chorrillos, GyM’s general manager, Renato Rojas, was presented with this important award, in the Real Estate, Construction and Equipment category.

Cappazo, an app developed entirely in-house by Peruvian professionals from GyM’s Digital Workshop, has improved the management and control of human resources data, as well as rationalized the work time of foremen, field engineers, construction managers, technicians and operators, among others, thus making work more efficient.

Before Cappazo, workforce management was done manually, and it involved numerous operational tasks. In addition, a paper format had to be filled out to record and approve man-hours (a record known as “tareo”), and multiple verifications and controls had to be carried out in parallel in order to complete the process.

“Cappazo is the perfect example of how, through innovation, we can have a direct impact on the company’s profitability, by making work smoother, more efficient and more collaborative. It’s a digital platform created for workforce management in construction projects, and which replaces the cumbersome paper flow charts”, said Renato Rojas, GyM’s general manager, during the award ceremony.

He explained that this is the first solution created at GyM’s Digital Workshop, GyM’s innovation space. “It was developed in-house, using an innovative approach in the construction industry. This is the first time a digital product is created by an interdisciplinary team which brought together knowledge from many areas into one same work space (co-localization) and was 100% focused on the final user”, he pointed out.

Rojas highlighted the fact that GyM is adapting its culture to the new digital era. “We’ll keep working really hard to be a pioneer in digital transformation within the Peruvian construction sector”, he stated.  

The Entrepreneurial Creativity Award is an event organized annually by UPC, Canal N, El Comercio and RPP Group. The 2018 ceremony took place on November 22, in the evening, at UPC’s campus in Chorrillos. At the event, 22 initiatives developed by companies in Peru were presented with an award. In addition, four special prizes were also given.

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