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Graña y Montero S.A.A. and Advent International S.A.C. have signed a non-binding agreement establishing the main terms and conditions under which our company could transfer 100% of the shares issued by Adexus S.A. (Chilean subsidiary of the Graña y Montero Group specializing in information technology services) to Advent Internacional S.A.C. or an affiliated company.

The parties have begun negotiations on the documents for the transaction and are working on the Due Diligence (DD) process.

The price has been determined, subject to the DD results and certain adjustment mechanisms, as is usual in this type of transaction. Similarly, the closing of the transaction is subject to the signing of the transaction documents by both parties, as well as the verification of conditions precedent, including confirmation by the Fiscalía Nacional Económica (Chilean antitrust authority), which must determine whether the transaction would give rise to a market concentration, and approval of the same by each party’s competent governing body.

If the deal is closed, the proceeds will be used to strengthen the group’s financial position. This transaction is focused on our new business strategy, which is underpinned by our specialization in engineering and construction, infrastructure and the real estate business.

The Graña y Montero Group will continue its operations in Chile through its subsidiary, Vial y Vives – DSD (which specializes in engineering and construction).