Graña y Montero awarded university students for their innovative proposals

During a ceremony held today, Grupo Graña y Montero, with the support of the National Council for Science, Technology and Technological Innovation (Concytec), recognized 18 students who excelled for their innovative proposals during the competition about academic articles (papers) Structure your IDEAS. This initiative, now in its second edition, aims to encourage the generation, development and transmission of knowledge in the field of engineering to create innovative proposals so the country's competitiveness can be improved.

The first prize, which was a postgraduate scholarship (virtual mode), was given by the Fundación Universitaria Iberoamericana (Funiber) to Margot Natalí León Castillo, a student that attends to the Universidad Privada Antenor Orrego (UPAO) located in Trujillo. Her project called "Combined effect of gaseous ozone - UV-C irradiation dose on physicochemical and microbiological characteristics in grape (Red Globe)" was chosen since it represents the spirit of the competition: the application of research efforts in order to generate value.

This event, carried out by Graña y Montero through its sustainable management strategy Growing and Sharing, is the result of a joint effort between different state, business and academy institutions, which will allow organize the research proposals that are generated in the academy, with the research needs of the country and the business sector.

Indicators of success:

  • 1300 students were trained nationwide, investing a total of 3900 man hours in training and 23 000 man hours in awareness.
  • 247 students developed and consolidated their ideas, then, they submit their ideas in a structured document. These works represent a total of 39 universities and 19 participating cities.

Winners of the competition along with the Graña y Montero and Concytec's representatives.

Winners of the competition along with the Graña y Montero and Concytec's representatives.

Date: November 06, 2014