The Graña y Montero Group agreed to acquire 44% of ADEXUS S.A.

The Graña y Montero Group, a leader in the engineering and infrastructure sector in Peru, entered today an investment agreement with ADEXUS S.A., a leading information technology services and solutions firm, whereby the Graña y Montero Group would acquire 44% of the capital stock of ADEXUS S.A. by a capital contribution in the approximate amount of US$15 million, subject to certain conditions precedent. The agreement between firms also provides that the general manager of ADEXUS S.A., Mr. Carlos Busso, will continue leading the firm.

The capitalization of ADEXUS S.A. and the complementation of services with GMD S.A., a subsidiary of the Graña y Montero Group, will allow both firms to strengthen their strategic position in the region.

Mr. Carlos Busso stated that the coming together of both firms will allow strengthening the supply of service and to expand the possibility of developing projects in consistency with the present requirements of clients. “This major step for both firms will serve us to develop and implement new and more specialized initiatives, thanks to the joining of the know-how, capabilities and expertise of our collaborators.”

On its part, Mr. Mario Alvarado Pflucker, corporate general manager of the Graña y Montero Group underscored the regional business vision of both firms as a key factor in the strategic decision to form a partnership. “Both Graña y Montero and ADEXUS have a shared vision of the development of their businesses with a regional approach, and this leads us to look towards a common goal”.

Track Record of Adexus

ADEXUS, a Chilean firm with over 25 years of experience in the IT market, provides comprehensive solutions and specialized services in the areas of information technologies and communications areas under the hallmark of innovation. Its revenue forecast is over US$200 million and it has a significant regional presence in Chile, Peru and Ecuador.

In its ongoing path of ITC development, ADEXUS has worked in major information technology projects in various areas of the economy. ADEXUS represents over 40 reputable international brands, which, added to its experience and professionalism, has allowed it to implement successful solutions in all sectors of the country, namely finance, telecommunication, government, health, education, mining, industry, utilities, retail, and trade.

Date: August 05, 2015