Leading Company in Sustainability 2015

According to the ALAS 20 Sustainability Survey 2015, the Graña y Montero was recognized as the company with highest leadership, consistency and excellence in public disclosure of information on sustainable development practices, corporate governance and relationships with investors in Peru, for which it was awarded the highest distinction: “ALAS20 2015 Company”.

The criteria on which the award was based were the policies, practices and results of the company in connection with its human resources, respect for human rights, environmental protection, commitment to the community, behavior in markets and corporate governance.

For the Graña y Montero Group, being awarded this recognition is the result of a long-term work the main objective of which is to generate trust in its various stakeholder groups. “We believe that our secret to having transcended for over 80 years lies mainly on having generated such trust in our various stakeholders. And this trust, as any other, is earned over time and with actions that show a genuine interest in others. Through our work style, we seek precisely to generate trust focusing on two pillars: responsible management of our operations and the generation of well-being in society”, said Mario Alvarado Pflucker, corporate general manager of the Graña y Montero Group.

ALAS20 (2020Sustaniable Leadership Agenda) is a GovernArt initiative that seeks to promote sustainable development in Latin America. Every year, it recognizes the performance of the best companies in Chile, Colombia and Peru, which are technically evaluated by an international non-financial risk rating agency and by a specialized jury.

Date: December 07, 2015