One of the top five companies which attract and retain talent in Peru

Grupo Graña y Montero was ranked 5th in the ranking of the best companies attracting and retaining talent in Peru, conducted by Merco Talento. Furthermore, it was ranked first in the infrastructure, service and construction sector.

The ranking, which was verified by KPMG in keeping with the 3000 ISAE standard, is based on polls answered by about 15 thousand people including last year university students, Business Schools’ students, Directors of Human Resources, experts, headhunters, employees from hundreds of companies at national level, and general public.

The methodology evaluates companies in terms of the quality of their work, their employer brand and internal reputation. According to this ranking, Graña y Montero’s position is determined by their employees’ sense of ownership, motivation and recognition.

It is worth stressing that since 2005 Merco Talento has been assessing companies with greater capacity to attract and retain talent, and has been renowned as a worldwide benchmark in corporate reputation monitoring.

Date: June 13, 2016