Four independent directors will form Graña y Montero’s risk, compliance and sustainability committee

Graña y Montero S.A.A. (NYSE:GRAM) (BVL:GRAMONC1) (“the Company,” “the Group” or “Graña y Montero”) a leading Engineering and Construction company announced today that, following its second meeting, the new Board of the Graña y Montero Group, chaired by Augusto Baertl, has appointed the members of the business area’s operating committees, as well as the four committees that depend on the highest governing body of the Group: Audit and Processes, Human Resources, Investments and, finally, Risk, Compliance and Sustainability.

The new Risk, Compliance and Sustainability committee stands out for its relevance, for which the chairman of the Board, Augusto Baertl, has been appointed, as well as the four independent directors, Rafael Venegas, Manuel del Río, Pedro Pablo Errázuriz and Alfonso de Orbegoso. The development of this task is ensured by the fact that the majority of the members are independent.

The importance of this new committee lies in the key functions it will perform for the new phase of Graña y Montero, such as the approval of the Group's policies and risk exposure limits, the monitoring the company's risk profile, and, above all, in the fact that it will ensure compliance with the Group's policies and, in particular, with the Anti-Corruption Policy and the Corporate Sustainability Policy, proposing directives and complementary procedures that contribute to strengthening the responsible management of the company.

During the recent General Shareholders' Meeting, Luis Díaz Olivero, the Group’s Corporate Chief Executive Officer, commented on the creation of this committee, approved by the former Board, and announced the coming appointment of a manager for the Risk and Compliance area, whose selection process is already underway. In line with these actions, the Company, starting today, initiates the execution of the measures and policies of the other three approved committees, with the purpose of strengthening the good corporate governance practices and Graña y Montero’s compliance.

About Graña y Montero S.A.A.

Graña y Montero is the largest and most important Engineering and Infrastructure Company in Peru. It has 26 companies which operate in 5 countries in Latin America and has more than 28,000 employees. The Graña y Montero Group has always solved the needs of its clients beyond business in order to create wellbeing for society. It has been listed on the Lima Stock Exchange since 1997 and on the New York Stock Exchange since 2013. To find out more, please visit

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Date: April 05, 2017