Graña y Montero announces that Concar is awarded a contract for the Jorge Chavez airport for US$ 2.8 million

Graña y Montero S.A.A. a leading Engineering and Construction company, announced that Concar, a subsidiary of Grupo Graña y Montero, has been awarded a contract with Lima Airport Partners (LAP) to stabilize the unpaved areas of the north side of the Jorge Chavez International Airport, for an amount of US $ 2.8 million.

This contract, which lasts 186 days, is the second one related to airport projects that CONCAR obtains this year, after obtaining the contract for the rehabilitation of the asphalt pavement of the Ayacucho Airport, for US $ 7.09 million, signed with the company Proyecta y Construye.


It is the company leader in infrastructure operation, conservation and management in the Graña y Montero Group. It began its operations in 1994, being the first Peruvian company dedicated to the road concessions. Currently, it operates and maintains 3 road concessions, 6 road conservation projects and 3 railway projects.

Date: September 25, 2017