Graña y Montero performed the important discussion “Corporate Governance and Compliance: A new challenge for companies in Peru?”, in order to discuss the importance of good corporate governance, ethics and compliance practices in the country today.

This event, performed at the company's Academy and open to the external public, has been the final act of the training sessions accomplished by Graña y Montero, in collaboration with this prestigious institution, to train its executives and senior executives the most advanced international standards in compliance and anticorruption practices, in order that the company becomes a clear reference of these policies in Peru.

Participants included experts in good governance and compliance, along with business and academic representatives, who debated the challenge for the country to implement these policies, in a regional context faced in recent months to cases of corruption and bad practices.

"This event seeks to highlight the role of compliance management in private companies against the challenges that our country faces in the fight against corruption. Graña y Montero, aware of its commitment to Peru, wants to lead the efforts being made by the business sector to assume the best international practices of Good Governance and compliance" said Augusto Baertl, Chairman of the Graña y Montero Group.

The activity was attended by prominent international panelists such as Gemma Aiolfi, Director of Compliance and Corporate Governance at the Basel Institute on Governance of Switzerland; Gregory Paw, a partner at the law firm Pepper Hamilton and former director of the New Jersey Criminal Justice Division; Richard Messick, legal development and anti-corruption expert; and Sandra Orihuela, specialist in FCPA and founder of Orihuela Abogados. Among the main topics discussed by the panelists are: Compliance strategies and roles of different sectors, international good practices of Compliance, the current framework in Peru and the region and the next challenges in the fight against corruption.

In addition, Fernando Dyer, corporate manager of Risks and Compliance from Graña y Montero, highlighted the contribution of the experts participating in the conference and his important contribution to the training of senior management of the Group in the most advanced policies in this field, which are crucial for the company to champion the efforts of Peruvian companies in this area of Good Governance and Compliance.

Date: October 13, 2017