Sheraton Hotel

  • TIMEFRAME: 1972 - 1974
General Info
  • Client: Sheraton Lima
Main Quantities
  • Area (m2): 14,400 m2 constructed 8,000 m2 remodeled
  • Floors: 22
  • Rooms: 431

The Sheraton Hotel was built in the 70's and was the first chain hotel built in Peru and the highest hotel at the time.Among other facilities, the hotel has seven conference rooms, the largest of which has a capacity of more than a thousand people.

The design was reviewed by renowned architects J. Malachowski B. and Edward Durell Stone & associates.

In 1994, 8,000 m2 of the hotel facilities were remodeled.

Our services included:

  • Main Project Construction and Remodeling.
  • Earth works, slope stabilization, structure construction, installation and finishing work.
  • As well as the construction management, supervision, testing and commissioning of the remodeling.