Our sustainability strategy

As part of Graña y Montero´s work style, we seek to create value in the long term, i.e. we want to develop profitable businesses that are socially and environmentally responsible. This allows us to build trust and transcend as an organization by promoting a virtuous development circle from which both business and society can profit.

Our sustainability policy defines clear guidelines and commitments about the 7 most important topics for our sustainable management, from which each company and project from the Group develops their own plans and objectives based on specific risks and characteristics of their businesses.

Seven priority topics

Ethical Behavior

In the Group, we are committed to conducting ourselves with responsibility, integrity and transparency. Our management system allows us to promote our core values across all levels of the organization, offer confidential communication channels, and have a governance structure to investigate and correct any potential violations.

Management model:

  • Ethics Charter (1995).

  • Code of Conduct (2012).

  • Ethics Channel and Ethics Committee(2013).

  • Anti-corruption Compliance Program and Anti-corruption Policy (2015).

Our corporate and ethical compliance system is under a permanent improvement process. We recently completed the updating of our risks map with the assistance of an independent third party and we are implementing changes to improve our policies, controls and internal procedures, specifically those referred to our selection of partners. For further information, visit our website COMPROMETIDOS CON EL FUTURO.

Main results 2016:

  • 85% of our employees have been trained on anti-corruption issue.

  • 9 years in the Good Corporate Governance Index of the Lima Stock Exchange (BVL).

  • Corporate Governance Leader in 2015 and 2016 as per the ALAS 20 award

For furher information, check the “Ethical Behavior” section in our Sustainability Report 2016.

Personnel Development

We acknowledge that our people are the organization´s most valuable resource, and we are convinced that with “the right person in the right place” we will achieve better results. Therefore, we seek to attract and develop top talent, offering them a place for growth and learning in line with the Graña y Montero Style, and a work environment of respect, camaraderie and trust.

Main results 2016:

  • +28 thousands direct jobs created (63% employees, 30% laborers and 7% from our consortiums).

  • + 419 thousands man hours of training for employees and laborers.

  • 83% feel they work at a great place.

  • 10 years without social conflicts with formal labor unions.

For furher information, check the "Personnel Development" section in our Sustainability Report 2016.

Safety and Health

Protecting the lives of all the people participating in our operations and services is a priority for Graña y Montero. For this reason, we provide safe working conditions in order to attach our “zero accidents” goal.

Starting from the leadership and commitment of our senior management, all the companies of the Group work on the management of a system and the development of a preventive culture applicable to all our workers, suppliers and contractors.

Main results 2016:

  • IFR 0.40 for every 200 thousand hours worked.

  • 10 companies of the Group certified with OHSAS 18001.

  • +1 million hours of training in safety .

  • Prize “Excellence in Safety 2016”, granted to STRACON GyM as best mining contractor.

For furher information, check the "Safety and Health" section in our Sustainability Report 2016.


Using a preventive approach, Graña y Montero implements actions to mitigate environmental impacts in all of their operations and improve the environmental quality of natural resources. For that, we support us in 3 axes:

Management system

We control environmental risks in work areas of our operations and services

Environmental culture

We foster a culture of environmental responsibility, not only among our workers, but also among the users, suppliers and communities where we work

Environmental solutions

We design solutions, projects and technologies that will generate environmental benefits for our clients and society at large

Main results 2016:

  • 67 million cubic meters of waste-water treated by the La Chira Waste Water Treatment Plant (720 times the volume of Lima´s National Stadium).

  • +26 tons of recycled electronic and common waste products.

  • 9 companies of the Group with ISO 14001 certification.

  • We improved the coverage of our 2016 Carbon Footprint.

  • +4000 tons of recycled asphalt waste (CONCAR).

  • 65% lower frequency of fuel spills (STRACON GyM).

For furher information, check the "Environment" section in our Sustainability Report 2016.

Operational Excellence

At Graña y Montero, operational excellence is one of our main competitive advantages which is evidenced in terms of the quality, efficiency, compliance and profitability of our projects.

Our Operational Excellence Model, inspired by the Lean philosophy, seeks to maximize the value generated for the client, through good management systems, the best talent to implement them and outstanding discipline.

Main results 2016:

  • 100% executed projects before the deadline.

  • +90% compliance with service availability, regularity and cleanliness indicators on Metro Lima LINE 1.

  • +81% compliance in operational management of companies in the service area.

For furher information, check the "Operational Excellence" section in our Sustainability Report 2016.

We build positive relationships based on dialogue, transparency and trust with the different stakeholder groups with which we interact. Periodically, and before starting a new operation, we identify who the main actors and their perceptions are, and thereby implement spaces of communication that match the characteristics and needs of each of them. Such channels allow us to get them involved and to take into account their doubts and concerns.

Main result 2016:

  • 7 of the main companies of the group obtanied a customer satisfaction lead over 80%.

For furher information, check the "Communication and Dialogue" section in our Sustainability Report 2016.

Share well - being

Main initiatives:

Housing that promotes welfare

Viva GyM promotes respectful coexistence among the new owners of the real estate projects it developes. Through the social program called AYNI, it trains neighbors in legal, administrative, conflict resolution and leadership matters, and offers them support to promote a better quality of life in these urban spaces.

Results 2016:

  • 100% of social housing projects implemented the Ayni Program.

  • 80% of the homeowners participated in at least one workshop.

Stations and trains as spaces for civic education

Through the program "Metro Culture, LINE 1 of the Metro of Lima", the minutes spent waiting in its stations and trains are capitalized to promote a coexistence based on tolerance and respect.

Results 2016:

  • 91% of the users considered that LINE 1 Metro de Lima promotes citizenship.

  • More than 80 artistic and cultural performances.

Safer highways

CONCAR spreads its culture of prevention and safety by offering training programs to users, transportation companies and teachers of the schools located near the roads it operates or maintains.

Results 2016:

  • 4,420 beneficiaries of the Road and Traffic Safety Education Program

  • More tan 4,000 man-hours in safety training.

More training to generate local employment

GyM, construction company of the Graña y Montero Group, trains the members of the communities dwelling in the vicinities of their projects in construction techniques, risk prevention and leadership in order to increase their employability and promote their employment in the construction projects.

Results 2016:

  • 84 workshops that benefited 1,616 people.

  • 45% of participants began to work for GyM.

Job opportunities for youth

We develop and offer the technical career “Construction Management”, seeking to increase employability of low-income youths in projects of the sector. 

Results 2016:

  • The program benefited145 students, of whom 19 graduated during the year.

  • 100% of alumni began to work for Graña y Montero.

Innovation in the Engineering Field

It aims at motivating young engineers to conduct research by teaching them how to conduct it and which topics to research about, and by facilitating them to stay connected, with access to knowledge and the chance to apply it to generate value.

Results 2016:

  • More tan 60 participants in the third edition of Structure your IDEAS, scientific contest for undergraduate students.

  • Mora tan 270 research papers have been submitted along the six editions of Graña y Montero Applied Engineering Award.

Graña y Montero Corporate Volunteering Program

The Corporate volunteerism Program strives to foster leadership and social action within the Group’s workers. It brings together enthusiastic workers who are committed to the dream of a better future and who want to leave a positive footprint on their environment by volunteerism their time and knowledge to improve the community.

Results 2016:

  • 225 active volunteers.

  • First Edition of “Ideas que Trascienden”, innovative social projects competition.

For furher information, check the “Share well – being” section in our Sustainability Report 2016

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