We direct our efforts toward restructuring our system where, through the Risk, Compliance and Sustainability Committee, Senior Management approves the guidelines and measures necessary in order to apply our principles throughout the organization, to provide confidential channels for complaints, and to have honest, committed governance.


Advances in management:

Improvement in our Code of Ethics (1995) and Code of Conduct (2012)

We are taking the best practices from both documents in order to incorporate them in the second edition of our Code of Business Conduct.

More rigorous Due Diligence processes

We have implemented risk assessments conducted prior to dealing with potential partners.

Main results 2017: 

  • + 500 man hours of training on the Code of Ethics, the Code of Conduct and use of the Ethics Channel
  • + 400 man hours of training on anticorruption matters
  • +70 meetings of the Risk, Compliance and Sustainability Committee

Corporate Policies

Anticorruption Policy
Corporate Due Diligence Policy and Procedure
Sustainability Policy
Ethic Channel
Code of Conduct