Operational Excellence

At Graña y Montero, operational excellence is one of our main competitive advantages which is evidenced in terms of the quality, efficiency, compliance and profitability of our projects.

Our Operational Excellence Model, inspired by the Lean philosophy, seeks to maximize the value generated for the client, through good management systems, the best talent to implement them and outstanding discipline.


Advances in Management:

Cappazzo Platform

The Cappazo Platform fosters more efficient information management in various GyM projects, thereby facilitating decision making and productivity.

Gas Plant Platform

The Gas Plant Platform enables technical and executive staff to obtain access to information and support the operation from their laptops.

Main results 2017:

  • 100% of projects completed ahead of time

  • + 80% customer satisfaction attrained by VIVA GyM
  • + 77% compliance in operational management of our service companies