Social Welfare

Our emphasis in social investment projects is on education and the development of skills that foster the creation of new jobs, as well as on the promotion of responsible civic conduct, especially among our users, suppliers and neighboring communities.

Main results in 2017:

  • +170,000 hours of training for suppliers, customers and communities
  • +90 million dollars in local purchases
  • +0.5 million dollars in social investment

Main Initiatives

Housing that promotes welfare

VIVA GyM promotes respectful coexistence among the new owners of the real estate projects it developes. Through the social program called AYNI, it trains neighbors in legal, administrative, conflict resolution and leadership matters, and offers them support to promote a better quality of life in these urban spaces.

In 2017:

  • 100% of social housing projects implemented the Ayni Program
  • +2,400 of clients benefited with the Ayni program

Graña y Montero Corporate Volunteering Program

The Corporate volunteerism Program strives to foster leadership and social action within the Group’s workers. It brings together enthusiastic workers who are committed to the dream of a better future and who want to leave a positive footprint on their environment by volunteerism their time and knowledge to improve the community.

En el 2017:

  • +200 active volunteers

Stations and trains as spaces for civic education

Through the program "Metro Culture, LINE 1 of the Metro of Lima", the minutes spent waiting in its stations and trains are capitalized to promote a coexistence based on tolerance and respect.

In 2017:

  • 91% of the users considered that LINE 1 Metro de Lima promotes citizenship
  • +2,000 users received road safety and neighborhood health talks

Safer highways

CONCAR spreads its culture of prevention and safety by offering training programs to users, transportation companies and teachers of the schools located near the roads it operates or maintains.

In 2017:

  • 4,073 beneficiaries of the Road and Traffic Safety Education Program
  • +5,000 man-hours in safety training

More training to generate local employment

GyM, construction company of the Graña y Montero Group, trains the members of the communities dwelling in the vicinities of their projects in construction techniques, risk prevention and leadership in order to increase their employability and promote their employment in the construction projects

In 2017:

  • +70 workshops that benefited 1,429 people
  • 53% of participants began to work for GyM

Educational Program Gestión de la Construcción

We develop and offer the technical career “Construction Management”, seeking to increase employability of low-income youths in projects of the sector.
This program, which we conduct in partnership with Fe y Alegría, lasts 2 years and is mostly taught by Graña y Montero employees, who participate as in-house teachers. In addition, it provides for internships at the company and enables graduates to obtain technical certification recognized by the Ministry of Education.

In 2017:

  • 96 trained students
  • 100% employability for graduates